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Jules Shear and Pal Shazar

For the first time in all the decades they’ve been sharing their lives together, legendary singer/songwriter Jules Shear and his talented wife Pal Shazar have made an album together. Each of them are compelling, quirky and utterly original artists. The songs were a joy to produce. This record is a true collaboration of two songwriter/performers expressing the trials, the sweetness and the deep feelings that are a fundamental part of any long-term relationship. Building on Jules’ unique guitar work, they sing together, trading leads and harmonies and are joined for extra musical touches by a special cast of Woodstock musicians. No Depression Magazine says, “They have given us the gift of a simply incredible album.”

“There’s a certain advantage to having two superb singer/songwriters residing under the same roof. For one thing, it can yield an album as wonderful and remarkable as Shear/Shazar. And for another… well, frankly, that first reason alone is enough to convince. Husband- wife duo Pal Shazar and Jules Shear have long since proven their individual credence, but now, officially pooling their talents for the first time, they’ve created an elegiac album of ornate chamber pop performances — soft and subdued, whimsical and reflective. Indeed, this is an album that begs you to lean in; both artists demonstrate the supple ability to create magical melodies and then delicately deliver them with the gentle grace that’s decidedly their due. One would be well advised to go back and explore their individual musings, but for those needing incentive, one listen to this charming endeavor is the best encouragement we can offer. “
“Surprisingly, I find it to sound incredibly like an album you would expect Jules to make with Pal in a Bearsville or Woodstock studio. Acoustic bedrock layered with woodsy tones and touches of tasteful amplification, country twang, almost classical-like strings, warm earthy vocals, harmonies that don’t sound like harmonies, lyrics of intelligence and humor, music for grown ups and for those who sometimes wish they were. Something else…this is a big album in a small box. Self-distributed, a homegrown vibe, and they are whispering instead of screaming. Slow and easy. So shhh… Jules and Pal have made me a very happy human. They have given us the gift of a simply incredible album.”
Robbie Dupree

Robbie Dupree
Arc Of A Romance

Robbie’s latest recording is an elegant and emotional four-song jewel. Along with a stellar group of New York City musicians, Robbie brings his amazing voice and spirit to a collection of songs that have been influencial to him. His version of “I Only Have Eyes For You” is drop dead gorgeous. The CD was chosen the best regional album of the year (2012) by Chronogram Magazine.

“Robbie Dupree has a new release, and it’s simply spectacular, not in an exploding, over-the-top way, but in a gorgeous, subtle and sophisticated one. Fortunately, Robbie Dupree isn’t stuck in his impressive past, and his jaw-dropping voice and quest for excellence should be an inspiration to all musicians. This CD a must have.”
Timothy Hill

Timothy Hill
The Other Side

Timothy Hill is an amazingly gifted and versatile singer/songwriter/guitarist. A dynamic and engaging performer, his music has a richness and depth rarely heard today. This CD is Timothy in his purest form, performing complete, live takes of solo vocal and guitar. The songs pull from an incredible variety of traditions, including gospel, folk, Latin, East Indian, American standards and his own lovely originals. Somehow he makes each piece completely his own, using textures, rhythms and resonances that transport us. The breadth of his luminous vocal expression is staggering. This is a very special record.

Little Green Blackbird

Little Green Blackbird – Kirsti Gholson
The Summer I Stopped Whining

Kirsti’s music is a heartfelt and lovely expression of things that matter. Her gorgeous voice, as well as her desire to create something meaningful and unpredictable, made working on this record pure joy.

“The production and arrangements here are inventive and impeccable, and Gholson’s sweet voice is gorgeous, emotional and flexible. Even better are her well-crafted songs about life and love that dig far deeper then most. Certainly the best regional recording of the year (2011), “the summer I stopped whining” is a thoughtful, quiet masterpiece. Run, don’t walk, to her website and get it now.”
Hemingway's Cat

Hemingway’s Cat
Next To You

The latest record from Hemingway’s Cat is a five-track EP of booty-shaking, danceable guitar rock. The Woodstock, N- based quintet, led by guitarist Lorah Yaccarino, grooves like a well-oiled machine. The girls rock as hard as the guys and it all vibrates with an uplifting intensity.

“Combines funky, danceable grooves with gritty, hard-edged underground rock and exotic Middle Eastern textures. Known for their euphoric club gigs, Hemingway’s Cat weaves music that moves the soul, as well as the feet.”

Sri Kirtan
Live Your Love

This album is an inspiring fusion of heart-opening, pop-friendly and cross generational kirtan. Melding Sanskrit texts with hip-hop, gospel, folk and more, Sruti Ram and Ishwari put their own unique stamp on these call-and-response devotional chants. Legendary Bansuri flute virtuoso Steve Gorn and percussionist Visvambhar Sheth (from The Mayapuris) add color to the music, and underground rapper Srikala Roach lends freestyle lyrics and urban energy to several songs. It’s a wild, kinetic ride that will connect you to the power of chant and lead you into bliss! The album rose to the top 10 on Billboard’s World Music chart.

Paper Kisses

Tom Mank and Sera Smolen
Paper Kisses

Tom Mank plays sinuous guitar and has a mature, ‘dark’ voice that has been compared to Dave Van Ronk and Mose Allison. Sera Smolen gets beautiful and unexpected sounds out of her cello and is a passionate player who enjoys taking musical risks. This CD (the second we’ve done together) is a unique and heartfelt combination of jazzy rhythms and acoustic textures, with Sera’s cello constantly weaving her sound through Tom’s warm voice and exquisite guitar. The songs can take the listener to unusual musical places, while never losing touch with an emotional core. Moors Music Magazine (the Netherlands) called it “an intimate masterpiece.”

“The songs are soft kisses on the cheek and quiet conversations in the night. They are late evenings and early mornings in subdued light or in the dark. They are Tom Mank & Sera Smolen’s gift to the discerning ears of people who treasure music beyond its use as filler or background music.”
Artie Traum

Artie Traum
Thief of Time

I am honored to have worked with Artie on this, his last album. He was a treasure and an irreplaceable part of the fabric of Woodstock’s musical community and he is truly missed. This CD includes all the things we loved about him – stellar musicianship with heartfelt storytelling and the added bonus of some very special guest artists. The album was produced by Wendy Waldman, whose own records thrilled me years ago. Hearing Artie play, I always had the feeling that there was no place else I would rather be.

robbie dupree

Robbie Dupree
Time and Tide

Robbie Dupree has given us a record filled with soulful grooves, stunning vocals and stellar musicianship. Robbie’s chart-topping hits from the 1980’s became part of the cultural landscape and since then he has continued to make excellent records. I think Time and Tide is his deepest, richest album in decades. Every song is a feast of musical delights featuring a dream band of world-class players – David Sancious, Rick Chudacoff, Peter Bunetta, Larry Hoppen and Leslie Smith. Here at Coldbrook, we recorded vocals and harmonica, percussion and guitar parts – and with every new element the record positively shimmered. I just didn’t want it to end.

charles lyonhart

Charles Lyonhart and the Junkyard Angels
Outside Looking In

Charles Lyonhart’s music is unflinchingly honest and heartfelt. From down-home rockers to songs of tenderness and longing, Charles’ voice draws us in while The Junkyard Angels (Chris Zaloom, George Quinn, Dennis Cotton and Larry Packer as well as Woodstock luminaries Larry Campbell and Amy Helm) take their turns stepping into the spotlight to make the music shine. Several years ago, while in the midst of life-threatening illness, Charles held on to the hope that he would be able to make one more record. Well, Charles has “come back” to share his journey through a troubled landscape of love and loss, survival and death. It was an honor to bring his powerful dream to life.

Tom Mank and Sera Smolen

Tom Mank and Sera Smolen
Where the Sun Meets the Blue

Tom’s unique guitar playing and vocals interweave with Sera’s cello in an album of beautiful and surprising music. The lyrics are distilled down to a minimalist essence, while the songs stretch and breathe to allow space for Sera’s lyrical and dynamic playing, The combination is fresh and magical. Guest artists added more colors to the palate – lapsteel, accordian, viola, backing vocals. I got to sing harmonies and play percussion while Tom manned the controls. Recording and producing this project was pure joy.


Trevor Exter

Trevor is an artist who astonishes. His voice is agile – smooth one moment, powerful the next. He plays the cello with such confident strength that he takes our expectation of what a cello is “supposed” to do, and blows it right out of the water. It is never just a cello – it’s a bass, a guitar, a voice, a rhythmic partner. This album is Trevor doing what he does so incredibly well, playing solo. All the performances are live in the studio. He has created a style that is completely his own, exquisitely soulful and utterly engaging.

Michael Veitch
Painted Heart

Michael is one of those singer/songwriters who can just knock it out of the park. He has this high, powerful voice and first rate songwriting ability that lets you know you are in the presence of real talent.

For this record, we went for the sound of a full band, using some of Woodstock’s finest musicians. We also got to try all the ideas that the songs handed to us. Along the way, there were many discoveries and no compromises. This record is layered and complex and full of heart and heartbreak.