Julie LastJulie Last has been active in the music recording business for more than 25 years. Starting at New York City’s Record Plant Studios in the mid-1970’s, she became one of only a handful of women who earned their way into the control rooms of major recording studios. She worked on albums with seminal rock bands of the time and in 1980 was specially invited to assist in the recording of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Double Fantasy. In NYC, she worked on the albums of: Aerosmith, Talking Heads, Cheap Trick, Lou Reed, The Clash and Brian Eno among others. After a move to Los Angeles, she worked primarily with leading singer/songwriters including Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Shawn Colvin, and in 1994 was a Grammy selection committee choice for Best Engineer for her recording of Rickie Lee Jones’ Traffic From Paradise. She co-engineered kirtan artist Krishna Das’ album, Live Ananda which was nominated for a Grammy in 2012. She has also produced several major and indie label albums and has recorded her own music for CD and film.



Shawn Colvin Recorded Cover Girl Steuart Smith & Shawn Colvin
Rickie Lee Jones Recorded and mixed Traffic from Paradise Rickie Lee Jones
Joni Mitchell Mixed title track Night Ride Home Joni Mitchell & Larry Klein
Joni Mitchell Overdubs Chalkmark in a Rainstorm Joni Mitchell & Larry Klein
Liz Phair Overdubs Whitechocolatespaceegg Scott Litt
Madonna Vocal overdubs I’m Breathless
Pat Leonard
Brian Eno Recorded and mixed Ambient 4 – On Land Brian Eno
David Byrne Recorded The Catherine Wheel
David Byrne
Wilson Phillips Vocal overdubs Wilson Phillips
Glen Ballard
Vonda Shepard Recorded and mixed It’s a Good Eve
Vonda Shepard
Toni Childs Overdubs Union
David Tickle
Lou Reed Overdubs Take No Prisoners
Lou Reed
Jennifer Terran Recorded and mixed Cruel
Julie Last
The Cat Mary Recorded and mixed Her High Lonesone Days
Julie Last
Melissa Ferrick Recorded and mixed Willing to Wait
Julie Last
Trevor Rabin Overdubs Can’t Look Away
Bob Ezrin & Trevor Rabin
Krishna Das Recorded and mixed Live at Ananada
Krishna Das


John Lennon and Yoko Ono Double Fantasy
Jack Douglas
Michael Jackson Dangerous Bill Bottrell
Neil Young Landing on Water Danny Kortchmar
Aerosmith Live Bootleg Jack Douglas
Talking Heads Fear of Music Brian Eno
Los Lobos The Neighborhood
Mitchell Froom
Yes Big Generator Trevor Horn, Paul DeVilliers, Trevor Rabin
Ladysmith Black Mambazo Two Worlds One Heart
Roy Halee
Peter Frampton When All The Pieces Fit
Peter Frampton
Roy Orbison In Dreams
Roy Orbison and T-Bone Burnette
Shawn Colvin Fat City
Larry Kline
Glenn Frey Soul Searchin
Elliot Scheiner
Cheap Trick Found All The Parts
Jack Douglas
The Indigo Girls The Indigo Girls
Scott Litt
Chaka Khan Chaka Khan
Arif Mardin
The Pointers Sisters Contact
Richard Perry
Iggy Pop Soldier
David Bowie
The Clash Give Em Enough Rope
Sandy Perlman